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At Ferndale, we aim to be a community of Spirit-filled servants of Jesus who know, grow, and show God’s love.

About Us

Ferndale’s history is rooted in the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada, which traces its history to the early 1890s.  Ferndale began as a church plant of Church of the Open Bible in 1961, opening its doors to the community in the fast-developing west end of the city. After a short period of time holding services in a local public school, the congregation of Church of the Open Bible trusted God’s guidance and established our current building. With a strong emphasis on missions, Ferndale has thrived in its efforts to proclaim the gospel to local neighbours as well as to those abroad through continued missionary support.

Our Vision

At Ferndale, we recognize that we do not determine our own mission. Our responsibility is to understand God’s clear revelation of His mission to His Church from His Word, and then with God’s guidance to discover how to apply His mission within our unique cultural and ministry context. While there are many New Testament scriptures that reveal God’s mission for His Church, there are three key scriptures that have guided us in defining vision. The great commission (Matthew 28:18-20) which call us to make disciples of Jesus, the great commandment (Mathew 22:37-40) which calls us to love others, and the great example (Acts 2:42-47) which call us to love and serve others in Christian community.

These three passages describe a community of people transformed by the grace and love of God, who are deeply committed to living a life of love and grace, and who are passionate about transforming their world with the message of Jesus Christ. From these scriptural foundations, we express God’s mission through our vision statement which is: to honour God by being a community of Spirit-filled servants of Jesus who know, grow, and show God’s love.

Our Values

With our vision in view, these are the key values we embrace as a community of people who deeply desire to be Spirit-filled servants of Jesus:

  • We value the Word of God as our sole authority for belief and practice.
  • We value the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and its essential need to be personally embraced and proclaimed in our homes, our community and world.
  • We value the need to engage in authentic community with other believers by knowing and being known, loving and being loved, serving and being served.
  • We value the need to keep the unity of the Church by building one another up through godly words and deeds.
  • We value the worship of God through our congregational and small group gatherings, and as a way of living every aspect of our lives.
  • We value our need to develop strategic partnerships with other Christian organizations for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in our community and world.
  • We value our need to engage and serve our community through a variety of creative means to help us to develop relationships with people outside the church.
  • We value spiritual growth and change, and our need to be strategic in how we grow and expand the Kingdom of God at Ferndale.

Our Statement of Faith

As part of the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada, we have adopted the AGC statement of faith. You can download a complete copy by clicking the link below.