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Discovering Discipleship

One of the unique ways we help people grow in their faith is through discipleship consultants.

Discovering Discipleship at Ferndale

The vision of Ferndale Bible Church is to honour God by becoming a community of Spirit-filled servants of Jesus who know, grow, and show God’s love. The church community at Ferndale exists to help people to grow and to develop into mature disciples of Jesus. To this good end, we invite people at Ferndale to participate and partner with us in the following areas for their spiritual development:

  • Partnering in worshipping God.
  • Partnering in welcoming relationships.
  • Partnering in walking with Jesus.
  • Partnering in working and serving.
  • Partnering in witnessing for Jesus.

At Ferndale, we believe that every Christian is on a spiritual journey towards Christ-likeness and that everyone is at a different point in their journey. An effective church discipling ministry is intended to minister to individuals at their level of spiritual interest. In many ways, each partnership marker represents a spiritual level of interest. The goal is to help connect individuals to ministries and programs that are appropriate to their level of spiritual interest and maturity with the hope of moving them forward to deeper levels of spiritual interest and maturity.

One of the unique ways we help people grow in their faith is through discipleship consultants. Discipleship consultants operate like personal trainers at a fitness centre. When you first join a fitness centre you meet with a personal trainer who listens to your personal journey and interacts with you regarding your fitness goals. Once this is understood and mutually agreed upon, a personalized fitness program is developed. The idea is to help individuals to move from where they are to a better place. A discipleship consultant works the exact same way. They meet with you to develop a personalized discipleship program at Ferndale that will help you move forward towards greater spiritual maturity and Christ-likeness. This is accomplished by connecting you with the appropriate ministries, programs, and individuals.

One of the ways we help individuals determine their spiritual needs, we have created a self-assessment tool around the 5 discipleship partnership markers. If you would like more detailed information about our discipleship ministry and to access the self-assessment tool, simply click the PDF file, or contact the church office if you would like to meet with a discipleship consultant.