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Ferndale Freedom Prayer Ministry

Stand in the authority of Jesus Christ. If you know that the enemy has influence in your life, we’d love to help.

FFPM Introduction with Pastor Peter & Katie Gibbs

What is restoration prayer & why is it so important?

The restoration prayer process leads you through a time of systematic confession and repentance, standing in the authority that you have because of Jesus Christ, breaking lies, and replacing them with truth. Without spiritual bondage, the Holy Spirit is then able to have greater influence in and through you. The fruit of the Holy Spirit will be able to grow more abundantly, and you will learn to hear the voice of God more clearly.


The Restoration Prayer Process

Step 1: Complete the Questionnaire

When a participant signs up for restoration prayer, they are sent a comprehensive questionnaire to complete. Once returned, the participant is added to the active waiting list for a session with the prayer team. While they wait, they are encouraged to watch the Bondage Breaker videos through RightNow Media.

Step 2: Listening Prayer

Team members gather to pray together for upcoming participant sessions and spend time listening for each participant anonymously. The team listens to discern: spirits that need to be confronted, access points that need confessing/renouncing, exhortation or warnings, scripture for the participant or to be used against the enemy, and blessings and affirmation for the participant. Everything is compiled and added to the participant’s file.

Step 3: Renouncing Prayer

The participant is walked through systematic confession and repentance, affirming allegiance to Jesus Christ, breaking lies and replacing with truth, coaching them toward standing in their God-given freedom and authority. This is done primarily by following their questionnaire and with the Spirit’s promptings in the participant and the team members.

Step 4: Releasing Prayer

On behalf of the participant, the demonic is confronted and strongholds are removed as the team works in unity using spiritual gifts and authority. Then, it is all replaced with the filling of the Holy Spirit, truth, and blessing.

Step 5: Follow-Up

After their releasing session, the participant is contacted to have their questions answered and to debrief about their experience. Truth is reaffirmed, and they are encouraged to rest in Jesus as they learn to stand in their freedom and authority. For some, appropriate further support may be considered.