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Precept Ministry

Know God deeply. Live differently.

Precept Ministry

Precept Ministry is an inductive Bible study. Encouraging you to discover the truth of God’s word for yourself, rather than relying on someone else’s thoughts or interpretation. Precept is built on three key points;

  • See: Discover what the Scripture says. Mark key words, Ask who? What? Where? When? How? Make lists.
  • Understand: Discover what the Scripture means. Importance of context. Explore cross-refrences (before commentaries or other sources)
  • Apply: Accept the truth and live by it.

Our next Precept Bible study “Heaven, Hell, and Life After Death” will begin October 18 and will run for 12 weeks.  The meetings will be held via Zoom Mondays 9:15–10:45 am. Workbook cost is $13.   

For more information or to register for the next session, please contact Roger & Bev Bresee.